Hello California winemakers!


Whether you blend it, buy the grapes and make them yours, or if the wine is your baby from vineyard to bottle...The California Wine Exchange wants to hear from you!


Our #1 committment is that 80% of our inventory will be dedicated to craft, boutique, and family-run vineyards. Big or small, the important thing is that you are 100% Californian. We believe California wine means as much to Californians as Huntington Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, Yosemite, Hollywood, redwood trees, the Dodgers or the Golden State Warriors. California wine is the home team. We hope that you can help us prove that.


And please feel free to email us with any questions you may have.



Mark Prior

California Wine Exchange



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Hello California Winemakers!

Our message of introduction and mission is towards the bottom of this page, but we are currently focused on our crowdfunding campaign. When you get a moment, please check that out at the following link:


And please click on the video below if you are interested in helping us help California's

family-run vineyards and small-batch wineries bring their wines to market...